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Janata Colony, Nawalgarh Road, Sikar

Computer Lab

Computer lab
The school has an updated computer lab with modern internet and Email facilities, which is an integral part of modern living. Students are allowed to use the internet at set times in the week under staff supervision. Safeguards are set to ensure that students cannot access objectionable sites, chat with others or download materials from the net. This means that we ensure that every student is safe while on the internet and that the time each student spends is carefully controlled.Teachers make effective use of the internet to research and provide for students the very latest information plus teaching strategies. This can be seen not just in lesson times but in assemblies and other events where staff happily use PowerPoint and other tools to create multi-media displays to excite the students. In the future, we intend to develop students’ internet skills and our own resources to encourage students to see the net as a means of self-study and research.
As increasing numbers of people with disabilities pursue educational opportunities that require computer use, accessibility of computing facilities becomes even more critical. Making a computer lab accessible requires that attention be devoted to the physical accessibility of the lab facility, as well as to the accessibility of the available technology. Assistive technology (AT) should be available for students who need it. However, AT alone does not make a computer lab accessible. Computer hardware and software must be compatible with AT and must be accessible to all users, whether they interact with technology using sight, sound, or touch.